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Dr. Annie Thompson

"I truly encourage each patient to take an active role in his/her own healthcare, and always focus on the importance of patient education regarding an active lifestyle, healthy food choices, and accountability for one's own health."

~ Annie Thompson


While in her undergraduate studies at Colorado State University, Dr. Annie Thompson realized her calling into physical medicine. She had developed an understanding of the human body’s innate ability to be well, and tendency toward health when allowed to function as designed.

Through her doctoral studies, Annie has grown to understand that the American population is not suffering from a lack of medication or procedures, they are suffering from a lack of knowledge about their own body’s ability to heal and remain healthy. Her goal as a physician is twofold; to help her patients achieve health and healing during periods of disease and injury, and to teach them how to make wise choices daily to improve their healthy years.

Annie graduated summa cum laude from the National University of Health Sciences, with her Doctorate in Chiropractic Medicine. She is currently undergoing additional training through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association. In September 2007, Annie completed her post-graduate studies to become a clinical nutritionist, and is also a birth doula. Her professional affiliations include International Chiropractic Pediatric Association, International and American Association of Clinical Nutritionists, American Chiropractic Association, Ohio State Chiropractic Association, International Childbirth Education Association, and Doulas of North America (DONA).


"Providing all people an avenue for health and healing through knowledge of, and belief in, the body's innate ability to be well."

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